This page offers an overview of the IPC standards for the printed circuit board industry.
As default the IPC standards 6011, 6012, 6013 und 6016, class II are used. The conformity of the pcb's is inspected according to IPC-A-600.



Terms and definitions for interconnecting and packaging electronic circuits IPC-T-50
Dimensions and tolerances IPC-D-300



Surface mount design and lands pattern standard IPC-SM-782
Design guidelines for reliable SMT printed board assemblies IPC-D-279
Generic standard for printed board design IPC-2221
Sectional design standard for rigid organic boards IPC-2222
Sectional design standard for flexible printed boards IPC-2223



Specification for base materials for rigid and multilayer printed boards IPC-4101
Specification for base materials for HF applications IPC-4103
Flexible base dielectrics for use in flexible printed circuitry IPC-4202
Adhesive coated dielectric films for use as cover sheets for flexible printed circuitry and flexible adhesive bonding films IPC-4203
Flexible metal-clad dielectrics for use in fabrication of flexible printed circuitry IPC-4204
Metal foil for printed wiring applications (i.e. Cu, Ni) IPC-4562
Composite metallic material specification for printed boards (CIC, CMC) IPC-CF-152
Qualification and performance of permanent solder mask IPC-SM-840



Generic performance specification for printed boards IPC-6011
Qualification and performance specification for rigid printed boards IPC-6012
Qualification and performance specification for flexible printed boards IPC-6013
Micro vias IPC-6015
Qualification and performance specification for high density interconnect layers or boards. (HDI) IPC-6016
High frequency materials IPC-6018

Conformity inspection


Acceptability of printed boards IPC-A-600