Shelf life of unpopulated boards

Depending on packaging, storage conditions and solder surface, Hans Brockstedt GmbH guarantees the following shelf life from the date of receipt:1.)

  • HAL leaded: 12 months
  • HAL lead-free: 12 months
  • Electroless Ni/Au: 12 months
  • Electroless Sn: 6 months
  • Plated Ni/Au: 12 months
  • Electroless Ag: 12 months
  • tin lead reflow: 12 months
  • Electroless Ni/Pd/Au: 12 months

Packaging: In a closed, vacuum-packed PE bag
Storage conditions: 25°C ± 5°C, max. 60% air humidity

Boards that are not populated after opening must be properly packaged again immediately.

1) In case of call orders, the production date applies.