Safeguarding production

As an express service provider, safeguarding the production is an absolute priority. All the production lines and processes are under constant supervision. Every board gets an individual job ticket, which is compiled by a highly efficient, rule-based software.


In the production process, every step is recorded via barcoding. The traceability without any time limitation grants acces to all production lines, process sequences, operating personnel, production times, assembly and sub-assembly groups, as well as to all raw material and their batch numbers at any time.


Every employee is constantly trained for process sequences and technologies. As a confirmation for that, every employee owns a personal training certificate.


During production we conduct several optical and electrical tests, as well as visual and x-ray supported inspections on inner layers, assembly and sub-assembly groups.

Product inspections

Test criteria

Microsection layer thickness, etch-back, contacting, layer offsets, annular rings, insulation spacing etc.
Thermal stress detached pads, lamination integrity, delamination, casing-, foil- and corner-cracking
Temperature change change in resistance, electrical function
High voltage dielectric strength of the dielectric medium and solder resist masks
Rework rework simulation
Atmospheric change to demonstrate insulation and humidity resistance
Tensile test to demonstrate the copper adhesion to the base material
Impedance AC resistance measuring
Bending cycle test flexibility and permanent flexibility test of flexible circuits
Electrical corrosion according to Siemens norm


Process tests

Test criteria

Wet-chemical various bath analyses
Transmitted light test to inspect the chemical copper coating
X-ray inspection of layer and drilling offset
Ductility test to demonstrate the flexibility of galvanically isolated copper layers
Contamination test to demonstrate surface cleanliness
Cross-cut test to demonstrate the adhesive strength of solder resist masks after soldering simulation
Solderability wetting test on drill holes and solder surfaces
X-ray fluorescence to measure ultrathin metallic layer thickness


Control and inspection reports

  • according to MIL-PRF-31032/1, 31032/2, 31032/3, 31032/4
  • according to IPC 6011, 6012, 6013, 6015, 6016, 6018 Class II and III
  • according to IPC-A-600
  • according to customer-specific requirements
  • according to product-specific requirements
  • First Article Inspection (FAI)
  • Lot Conformance Inspections (LCI)
  • if no control requirement has been defined, a standard inspection according to IPC 6011/12/13/15/16/18 will be conducted