The application of your PCB determines the materials you have to use. materialstorageThe present standard is epoxy glass laminate (FR4 / TG 135) with Probimer 65 solder resist. For surface finishing the standards are electroless nickel gold, electroless tin, or tin lead (hot air levelling).
In case of special demands on operating temperature, expansion reaction, flexibility or high frequency applications you should use high performance laminates.
The solder surface also depends on the kind of application and the layout. For high packing density electroless surfaces are recommended, for space technology tin lead reflow is still the best solution.
You will find more information about these subjects on the following pages.

- Directive 2011/65/EU: Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHs)
- Directive 2003/11/EG: Waste form Electrical and Electronical Equipment (WEEE)

Printed circuit boards can be affected by the RoHS-directive. Elaborate information (german, PDF, 102KB) about producing and working with printed circuit boards according to RoHS can be found here.

All used materials (base material, lacquer etc.) meet the requirements of RoHS. RoHS compliant finishing (electroless Sn, electroless Ni/Au, lead free HAL) is also available. Please note our declaration of conformity (PDF, 48KB).