Since the foundation of our company, we have paid close attention to the ecology of the processes. AufbereitungSolvent based processes were replaced by watery-alkaline ones. Flame retardants made of chromium were banned. Our wastewater treatment facility operates computer-controlled and independently. The values remain substantially below the legally stipulated limits. The capacity of the facility was intentionally designed twice as big as required. Through recycling economy, the latest rinsing technology and treatment we cut the water consumption in half within six years. The implementation of the EU directive RoHS has already been completed.

You will find a calculator for the materials of the printed circuit boards at the Central Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry (ZVEI).

If you have questions concerning WEEE and RoHS please send us a mail.

Company objectives for improving environmental protection

One of the basic principles of our company is the inclusion of environmental protection, insofar as it is economically reasonable. Environmental aspects are therefore included in the decision-making and organisational structure of our management system. The supervisors serve as role models herein, but environmental protection also requires a responsible behavior from each fellow employee.
When we plan and implement new procedures, we take the currently best available technology into account, insofar as it is economically reasonable, viable and efficient. By the use of an environmental management system and through appropriate measures and projects, a continuous improvement of the corporate environmental protection shall be achieved in the future. We want to reduce the consumption of resources and energy, emissions and waste, so that we are able to contribute to an environmentally friendly development. Effects on environmental protection shall be taken into account during investment and procurement. Environmentally friendly options shall be given preference, insofar as economically reasonable. Suppliers and contractual partners shall be incorporated into this endeavor for a better environmental protection. It goes without saying, that all environmentally relevant laws, requirements and regulatory requirements are complied with.